Jiangsu Win Union Technology Co., ltd. has more than 30 years’ experience in centrifuge R&D, production, sales and customer service. Win Union focuses on the clinical and laboratory centrifuge application, and obtains professional certificates including ISO13485, CE(LVD/EMC/IVD), FCC , TGA Australia, and sales qualifications of Europe and North America.

Win Union’s centrifuges are widely used by not only public hospitals but also private clinics in China. It keeps exploring global market such as the United States, Germany, Poland, Russia, Australia and other regions. 


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1996-2000, Tsinghua University, Issued rotor dynamics theory;

A Method for Calculating The Dynamic Characteristics of Centrifuges;

2000-2004, worked in Chinese Academy of Sciences and completed national "Ninth Five-Year Plan" Key Project—"Development of High-speed Centrifuge"

2004-2008, Shanghai Techcomp Scientific Instrument Co., LTD.

Complete the industrialization of large-scale centrifuge series products;

2009-2017 DLAB(Beijing)  Instrument Co., LTD.

Complete the industrialization of a series of small-sized desktop centrifuge products;

2018 - Now, Jiangsu Win Union Technology Co., LTD.,  General Manager.



Doctor  Yang Yun